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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Ch.26: The Cave
Anonymous asked: "Can I ask your feelings about Percy Weasley?"


I actually really love Percy! I find him sympathetic and actually quite deserving of respect in many ways because he grew up in the middle of six brothers who all placed much more value on Quidditch and demonstrated a great deal of general badassery and Percy was born into the middle of that with super cool older brothers Charlie and Bill and effortlessly funny and chaotic Fred and George and it must have been so hard to be bookish and rule-abiding throughout that - but he stuck to his guns no matter how much his siblings teased him.

He made some poor decisions but I think his rupture from his family was necessary in a lot of ways because he needed to be outside their closeness to really appreciate it - from inside I suspect he just felt cloyed and strangled and couldn’t see the deep goodness in all of them, and probably got to a stage where all he could see was the constant derision and the lack of similar personalities to himself

In short I think he’s an intensely relatable character and very realistic and I think we have to remember that we always see Percy through Harry’s eyes (and as a result Fred, George, Ginny and Ron’s to a large extent) so we don’t have the most reliable narration on his character. Seeing Hermione’s true perspective would probably shine a different light, or a number of other characters’ in fact.


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there are two types of people in this world

  • people i can trust to help me hide a body 
  • people who are the body 

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i don’t believe you